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How to read email newsletters without cluttering your inbox – Source

Email newsletters are all the rage these days—and much of their appeal revolves around the way they’re delivered.

You know the drill, right? Unlike traditional online news sources, where it’s up to you to seek out information and suss out the good from the bad, email newsletters come directly to you—right into your inbox and straight from a writer or publication you know and trust. It’s a more personal way of staying informed, and it allows you to connect directly with authoritative voices on the subjects nearest and dearest to your heart.

At the same time, email can be a crowded and complicated place. Newsletters get mixed in with important messages, urgent reminders, and even annoying promotions. When you just want to kick back and read something, it isn’t always easy to find what you want and keep your focus away from all the noise around it.

So what if there were a better way—a way to keep all the advantages of the email newsletter medium while simultaneously…

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