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How we’ll shop in the metaverse? Only time will tell – Source

By S. A. Applin 8 minute Read

So, how are we going to shop in the metaverse?

We should start by asking ourselves what we want to buy and where and how we will be using it. If venture capitalists and Mark Zuckerberg have their way, we’ll be donning goggles and wandering around a colorfully rendered world engaging in various activities. At least some of our actions will be commercially oriented to generate revenue for faceless digital landlords. In essence, we’ll be shopping just by existing there.

Living in the metaverse is going to cost money, so shopping will be the cost of entry. If we’re going to be represented by avatars interacting in a realistic 3D environment, we’re going to need digital clothes, digital homes, digital everything. We might need second digital jobs to earn digital cash to pay for all of this stuff. We’ll even be paying digital taxes.

One problem with the metaverse as it has been shown to us in videos from Meta and others is that people don’t have…

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