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If COVID-19 has you down, this mood-tracking app can help – Source

If you’re feeling down lately, you aren’t alone. Bearing witness to a daily news stream of illness and death can stir up a lot of emotions. So can being isolated at home. But a new mood tracker called Misü wants to help you understand your emotional state and what might be triggering sadness, anxiety, or happiness.

Misü, which launches today as a desktop app, takes your photo surreptitiously while you’re using your computer. It analyzes these images using an algorithm to ascertain an overall mood score, and then estimates whether the websites you visit have a positive or negative impact on your mood. The app can only track emotional gestures while you’re looking at your computer, but if you spend a large portion of time in front of a screen then it is able to collect a fair amount of data. Over the course of eight hours—a normal day for a remote worker—the app takes anywhere from 200 to 400 emotion captures. Each time it logs an emotion, your computer camera’s light…

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