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If DoorDash wins, what do we lose? – Source fastcompany.com

In the first-ever season of Sesame Street, in 1970, cast member Bob McGrath appeared in a memorable sketch where he receives a delivery from his local grocer, a grumpy blue muppet. “Did you get everything I ordered?” McGrath asks. “No,” comes the reply, but he’s helpfully supplemented the delivery with other fresh veggies. McGrath breaks into song, a version of the now iconic “People in Your Neighborhood,” to explain to kids the role a grocer plays in the community. The grocer is the bearer of sustenance.

A few weeks ago, during Super Bowl LV, “People in Your Neighborhood” got remixed into an anthem for the app-based delivery platform DoorDash to signal to the world that it is expanding from restaurants to convenience and grocery. In a crisp 60 seconds, a tap dancing Daveed Diggs (Hamilton)—directed by French auteur Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)—wanders through a hyperrealized Sesame Street urbanscape with Big Bird, Elmo, and Super…

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