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In Clearview AI’s wake, a call for a facial-recognition ban – Source

The New York Times’ Kashmir Hill recently profiled Clearview, whose technology matches facial-recognition scans with images of the same person scraped from social media. The company says that it has a database of more that 3 billion facial images scraped from social sites, including Facebook and YouTube. It claims that 600 federal and state law enforcement agencies are now using its product.

Clearview AI was likely the trigger for the letter to the Department of Homeland Security’s Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board from the Electronic Privacy Information Center and 40 other privacy groups, calling for a ban on further implementation of facial-recognition technologies funded by the government.

The letter recommends “the suspension of facial recognition systems, pending further review,” saying U.S. citizens shouldn’t be subject to facial recognition surveillance in the course of their daily lives when they’ve done nothing wrong. The privacy groups also point to…

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