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Inside the new programs that are supporting com – Source fastcompany.com

Innovating It Forward: Inside the new programs that are supporting communities and small businesses in a time of need

On this episode, Chris Denson meets Stephanie Latham, Head of Industry, Technology & Telecom at Facebook to discuss social good from a corporate level. Then we dive deeper into actions that lead to a more diverse and inclusive business world with Ashley McGowan, Business Equality Lead at Facebook.



I’m going to read a quote of yours where [you were discussing your relationship with your cancer experience.] You’ve said that you “always have a choice. Even in the most trying situations, you have a choice in terms of how you respond. As life continues, you don’t always get to choose what happens to you or when it happens to you, but you do always get to choose your response.” I’m just curious as to how this might’ve changed your perspective on things, how you operate either personally and or professionally or the two…

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