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Intuit finally updates Mint—for iPhone users – Source

Intuit says it’s done acting like an absentee landlord of Mint, its long-neglected personal-finance app. The new iPhone release landing Wednesday morning represents its first major investment in updating this service in years—and the venerable financial-software firm says there’s more to come for users of Mint’s Android, iPad, and web apps.

“We basically have a brand-new team overseeing Mint,” said Varun Krishna, senior vice president and head of consumer finance, at the start of a Zoom briefing Monday. “There’s never been a stronger or more committed team focused on Mint.”

Krishna acknowledges that both outside criticism of Mint (for example, my January 2020 Fast Company story, which “served as a little bit of a wakeup call for us”) and the rising quality of financial institutions’ own apps pushed Intuit to make this effort. The novel-coronavirus pandemic then compounded the importance of giving people better financial guidance as incomes crumpled or went…

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