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iPhone iOS 14.2 update brings new emoji, Sony says PS5 sold online only … – Source CNET Tech

In today’s news, an update to Apple’s iPhone iOS offers new emoji, Sony says PS5s are sold only on the web, and Verizon lures customers with a free-iPhone deal.

Twitter also bans the account of the podcast, War Room Pandemic.

The tech companies say they’re better prepared to tackle interference than they were four years ago.

The social media sites have their hands full as the count continues.

The social network says it saw “worrying calls for violence from some members of the group.”

T-Mobile is continuing to grow even amid the pandemic.

The Google-owned platform is not taking down videos by One America News, a far-right outlet.

The world’s largest consumer electronics show will be entirely virtual. But you can tell CNET about the products you’ll announce now.

In today’s news, Twitter works to label misleading post-election information, the FCC fines T-Mobile $200 million and Ford recalls 375,000 of its Explorer SUV.

A $205 million campaign comes to an end.

In today’s news, election day…

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