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Lenovo’s Yoga C940 is 360 degrees of premium laptop – Video – Source CNET Computer News

This is the Lenovo Yoga C940, and I’ve been socially distancing myself with it for a little bit now and I can confirm that it is not only better than its predecessor the Yoga C930, it is one of the best two in ones, that you can find.
Now, there is something carried over from the old models design that drives me a bit nuts, but before I get to that Let’s go through the top new features.
The biggest new addition here is its 10th Gen Intel isolate processor.
There are some overall performance gains with it but it also has Intel’s Iris plus integrated graphics, which is actually good enough for some low end undemanding.
Gaming like fortnight.
This is also one of the first Intel project Athena laptops which is co engineered with Intel so that it performs a little bit more like your phone.
Like when you lift the lid, it instantly wakes and it’s connected to the internet….

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Source CNET Computer News

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