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LG is killing its phone business after years of mediocrity – Source fastcompany.com

LG says that the decision will help it focus on growth areas such as electric vehicle components, smart homes, robotics, and 6G (ugh). The company expects to fully wind down the business by July 31, though it will continue to support current phones for an unspecified period of time.

While the news seems shocking given LG’s reputation as a major electronics brand, it’s a fitting end for a company that never seemed to figure out what people want in a smartphone. LG’s mobile business hasn’t turned a profit since the first quarter of 2017, and in recent years its phones have suffered from a series of failed experiments, technical snafus, bad branding, and weak software support.

As an example, just consider the fate of LG’s flagship G-Series smartphone line. Reviews for these phones were often polite and respectable, but it was never clear why you should buy one over Samsung’s Galaxy S or Note handsets, let alone Apple’s iPhones. LG seemed to especially struggle on the…

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