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Mailchimp will let users reach out to their customers via text – Source

Mailchimp, the Atlanta-based small business marketing service that’s expanded from email into social media, search engine advertising and even postal mail, is adding another way for its customers to reach out to the world: text messaging.

On Monday, Mailchimp announced that it had acquired Chatitive, a Seattle company providing tools for sending both automated and human-driven text messages for marketing, support, and other types of communications. Initially, the two services will continue to be run separately, but Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut says he expects that SMS support from Chatitive will be integrated into Mailchimp’s marketing packages in a matter of months.

Brian Chestnut [Photo: courtesy of MailChimp]

Businesses that use Mailchimp to reach their customers have been asking for support for SMS, with some already using other services to connect with customers that way in addition to harnessing traditional channels like email through Mailchimp. “SMS is a lot more direct…

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