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Meet Glide, a clever tool that turns spreadsheets into apps – Source

In the land of technology, two tricky truths exist: Spreadsheets are rarely attractive or enjoyable to read—and mobile apps are rarely cost-effective or easy to create.

Well, a group of former Microsoft employees thinks those two statements are both related and reversible. And they’ve come up with an incredibly clever way to prove it.

Their startup, Glide, lets you turn any Google Sheets spreadsheet into a real mobile app with absolutely no coding and shockingly little effort. Saying you don’t need any programming knowledge is almost an understatement. This thing is deliberately designed for anyone—and I do mean anyone—to use.

“We spent six years watching the wealthiest companies in the world fail to make good apps,” says Glide CEO and cofounder David Siegel. “We thought, ‘Can we make a much simpler approach to this whole phenomenon—of making an app, getting data into it, improving it, and sharing it?’”

The answer was a resounding yes—and they most certainly…

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