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NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps shares her training tips – Source

Growing up in Syracuse, New York, as the youngest of seven children, Jeanette Epps dreamed of going to space, just like her hero on TV’s Doctor Who. (The show instilled a lifelong interest in math and science.) When her older brother came home from college and, after glancing at her fourth-grade report card, suggested that she could become an aerospace engineer, the idea stuck. But the path to Houston wasn’t always clear. Here’s how Epps conquered her fears and fought her way to NASA.

Work for what you want

After high school, Epps attended Le Moyne College, in Syracuse, majoring in physics because the school did not have an engineering program. “I wanted to go to the University of Maryland [for graduate school] because they have an amazing aerospace engineering program,” she says. “I kept calling the chair of the department trying to persuade him.” Eventually, she convinced him to let her into a master’s program, which paved the way for her doctorate. After earning…

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