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New Design Superpowers for You to Leverage

One of the most exciting things about WordPress is that it’s constantly improving. In fact, did you know that Gutenberg releases new functionality and improvements every two weeks?! There have been a number of really cool and powerful capabilities rolled out over the last few months that give you even more control over the design of your site and your content. We wanted to take a minute to highlight some that we’re especially excited about.

Note: These updates are most relevant to those of you who have a block theme activated.

  1. Use Your Featured Image in the Cover Block
  2. Borders in Layout Blocks
  3. See What Margin vs Padding Actually Does
  4. Patterns Are Easier to Find and More Convenient to Use
  5. Leveling Up the Query Block
  6. Notable Mentions

Over the last few months the Gutenberg team has really powered up the cover block…

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