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New Memoji Stickers and iCloud Folder Sharing come to latest iOS and macOS betas – Source CNET Computer News


The iOS 13.4 developer beta includes new Memoji Stickers.


On Wednesday, Apple released the first developer betas of iOS 13.4 and macOS 10.15.4, with several new features that will make the platforms more useful. 

The iOS 13.4 developer beta includes nine new Memoji Stickers (expressing celebration, eye rolling, and huffing with anger, among other emotions) for Messages, FaceTime, and other apps that use your phone’s keyboard. CarPlay also has some new features, including further support for navigation apps outside of Apple Maps and more phone features, like seeing call controls on the dashboard during a call via the phone app.

iOS 13.4 also includes references to a “CarKey” API, 9to5Mac noted, which would allow you…

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