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Now you can play Angry Birds at Topgolf – Source

If the state of the world has got you feeling like you want to cause a little mayhem, but you’re not quite in the mood for a rage room, the answer might be to pick up a golf club and try knocking down a building, Angry Birds style.

For 11 years, Rovio’s Angry Birds has been one of modern culture’s most popular pastimes. First sprung on us in 2009 as a massively successful smartphone game that tasked players with flinging virtual screaming avians at structures made of digital blocks to try to knock them down, the franchise spread eventually to movies, TV shows, toys, and more. Now, in the latest iteration, Angry Birds fans can try to crash those virtual structures by aiming, and hitting, an actual, physical golf ball.

Thanks to a partnership between Rovio and the Topgolf chain of driving ranges, you can now play Angry Birds in real life. The idea is simple: As you line up your golf shot, you look up to a TV screen on which the target structure is hovering, and then you let fly.

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