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Oculus Quest 2: Facebook’s $299 VR headset feels too good to be true – Source CNET Computer News


  • $100 less than before
  • Better, faster processor
  • Higher-res display
  • Great self-contained gaming experience
  • Doubles as PC VR headset
  • Lighter and a bit smaller

Don’t Like

  • Store still lacks some higher-end games
  • Only 2-3 hours of battery life
  • You have to use Facebook to log in

The rumors are true: The Oculus Quest 2 is real, and it’s better than the original. It’s also less expensive. Facebook is starting a renewed push to get everyone into VR, and the $299 Quest 2, arriving Oct. 13, could be the device that makes virtual reality mainstream. The most fascinating device I used last year was, without a doubt,…

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Source CNET Computer News

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