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Online pharmacy Ro is now vaccinating seniors at home – Source fastcompany.com

Ro, an online pharmacy that got its start prescribing sexual health products, is now offering to vaccinate seniors at home in New York. The company is working with the New York Department of Health as well as local organizations on the effort.

Seniors in Yonkers will be able to schedule an appointment through Ro’s website. Multiple people at a single location can schedule their appointments together, though all patients will have to prove they are older than 65. The company is working with the mayor’s office of Yonkers; the area’s Office for the Aging, which is helping it connect with seniors; and more than 100 local healthcare providers, including hospitals and local doctors’ offices.

Ro’s nurses, who are supplied through a staffing agency, pick up doses from healthcare providers and bring them directly to a roster of patients based on their proximity. After giving a patient a shot, nurses will monitor them for 20 minutes just in case there is a rare adverse event.


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