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Pentagram’s adaptive identity for an AI company may be the most meta b – Source

An adaptive brand identity—basically, a design system that has the flexibility to change depending on context— isn’t entirely new. But Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell of Pentagram’s London office have taken the concept a step further, with an adaptive brand that can be manipulated (within certain parameters) via an app, on the fly, based on what the client needs at any one time.

The partners and their team created this adaptive identity for Berkeley-based company Covariant, which developed a piece of AI software called the Covariant Brain to teach robots new skills in the logistics space. The “how” of this AI learning process starts to get a little in the weeds, but basically, it relies on what the company calls “decision boundaries.”

It’s a term you might not be familiar with unless you’re in the field of neuroscience or artificial intelligence, but it essentially describes the inner decision-making process of an artificial neural network (the “robot…

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