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Polling can’t predict the next president or other trends – Source

Analytics is the science of curiosity, and mine has always been insatiable. I’ve spent most of my career trying to predict which political candidates will go the distance, which products will surge in the marketplace, and which ideas will capture the public imagination. In short, what do people want, why do they want it, and will they still want it tomorrow?

During many years in the political arena, I relied on conventional polling and analytics. I vividly remember the moment that changed in late 2015. I was sitting on the set of a TV studio when I started to panic. I was used to sharing my predictions about candidates, but in the early months of the 2016 election season, my analytics were crashing. The numbers didn’t seem to matter. The percentages were useless. Predictions were futile. A new kind of candidate, Donald Trump, had surged onto the scene and he defied every rule of politics I knew. He was using Twitter like a Kardashian. He was embracing controversy while his…

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