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privacy, tech-fueled extremism, and more – Source fastcompany.com

Today is Data Privacy Day. Don’t kick yourself if you haven’t heard of it—not many people have. Yet it’s never been more important, as technology for capturing, analyzing, and categorizing virtually any imaginable piece of data about us—from our heartbeats to our most private thoughts—becomes only more advanced, invasive, and pervasive.

To mark the day, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a live-streamed keynote speech opening a panel discussion on the importance of user privacy at the Brussels-based Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference this morning. That he keynoted the panel is no surprise—Apple is the only Big Tech company that’s fully embraced privacy, not just as a feature, but also the mantra that it’s a fundamental human right.

If you care about privacy—and you should—Cook’s frank speech is worth a watch. He elaborated on his thoughts when I interviewed him moments afterward. Our talk was not the typical kind of PR-managed privacy patter some company…

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