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Private Google Docs alternative with IPFS support – Source

Instead of stashing your documents with a major cloud storage provider such as Amazon Web Services, Skiff is letting its users choose a decentralized alternative called Interplanetary File System, or IPFS. For users who opt in, Skiff will encrypt their documents, split them into pieces, and distribute them across a network of potential hosts, keeping them out of the hands of big tech companies. Doing so would protect against government requests for data, and because the documents are end-to-end encrypted, only the actual user would be able to see their contents.

“It’s just perfectly aligned with the privacy proposition,” says Andrew Milich, Skiff’s cofounder and CEO. “There’s no reason why, if you publish your own work or web page, it should be stored on an Amazon server.”

[Image: courtesy of Skiff]

The potential for a distributed file system goes beyond just pandering to big tech skeptics. Proponents of IPFS say that it could make services like Skiff more resilient to…

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