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Projector’s fresh approach to online design collaboration – Source fastcompany.com

Trevor O’Brien and Jeremy Gordon met at Twitter in 2013, when O’Brien was a director of product management and Gordon was VP of engineering. But when they decided to start a company together, it was their earliest experience—when both worked on video games—that infused their thinking.

“If you talk to a lot of people who’ve worked in the game industry, they’ll often tell you that the most fun thing to create is not the game—it’s usually creating the level editor,” explains O’Brien. “Level editors are super fun because you create these composable creative operations and you hand it off to somebody who’s very talented in being able to create fans and experiences. And you’re always surprised at what they bring back.”

They figured that the same spirit of assisted creativity could be applied to categories beyond gaming. And the one they chose to tackle was graphic design.

The result is a service called Projector. It’s an entirely browser-based tool for…

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