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Psychedelic mushrooms win a major electoral victory in Oregon – Source

Oregon’s proposal is part of a larger movement to remove psychedelics’ criminal status and allow them to be used to fight hard-to-treat mental illnesses including drug-resistant depression, addiction, and PTSD.

For decades, mushrooms were considered a recreational drug with no medicinal value. Since mushrooms are illegal to manufacture, produce, and possess in the U.S., only a very select group of researchers under FDA authorization have been able to study psilocybin as a medicine. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration gave psilocybin breakthrough status, awarding pharmaceutical company Compass Pathways the opportunity to experiment with using it against treatment resistant depression.

More recently, the federal government has slowly gotten on board awarding companies and research institutes the ability to explore potential use cases for a wide variety of psychedelics. Increasingly, companies are looking into the medicinal qualities of drugs like LSD, Ketamine, psilocybin,…

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