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Ready to upgrade to a mesh router? You’ve got lots of new options in 2020 – Source CNET Computer News

Meet your mesh router options

Mesh routers are multipoint systems that consist of the usual base router plus range-extending satellite devices. Those satellites act like Wi-Fi repeaters that can help spread a speedy internet connection throughout your home.

That’s a handy way to eliminate pesky dead zones, which is something that more and more people are looking to do as they fill their homes with smart gadgets that rely on a stable connection to the internet. Got a Wi-Fi camera keeping an eye on your back porch? A mesh router can help ensure that you’ve got enough signal strength back there for it to notify you when it detects motion.

All of that has industry analysts predicting big growth in the mesh category. Manufacturers have taken note, with a flurry of new mesh router options for consumers to choose from, many of which cost a lot less than previous, early-gen mesh systems. Some of those…

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Source CNET Computer News

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