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Ring gives Neighbors new features, but privacy fears linger – Source

When a Ring spokesperson reached out last week to offer a “candid conversation” about the company and its Neighbors app, I was cautiously optimistic.

The Amazon-owned maker of smart doorbell cameras and security systems has never fully reckoned with the negative aspects of its products. Civil liberties groups say that Ring’s police partnerships promote surveillance without oversight, and that its Neighbors community watch app can provoke profiling and paranoia. Ring’s response to these criticisms has typically involved sidestepping substantive concerns while accusing its haters of getting the facts wrong.

But instead of a softer stance, my conversation with Eric Kuhn, the general manager of Ring’s Neighbors app, brought more of the same. We stepped through a 30-minute slide deck presentation that primarily rehashed how the Neighbors app already works, plus some news about how users can now categorize posts and report positive “Neighborly Moments.” The call was less…

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