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Smartphones could one day sniff out cancer—just like a dog – Source

Dogs are incredible at sniffing out cancer. They’re also capable of detecting malaria, Parkinson’s, and maybe even COVID-19 from a variety of different sources such as blood, saliva, and urine. Now, scientists are trying to replicate what all types of dogs do naturally to develop a better cancer detector.

In a new small study, scientists tested the feasibility of using sensors and artificial intelligence to replicate the way a dog detects prostate cancer. The ambitious goal of this study is to find the right components needed to build a tiny smell-based cancer diagnostic that can be embedded into a smartphone.

In this latest paper, a cross-disciplinary group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge Polymer Group, and the research nonprofit Medical Detection Dogs in the U.K first attempted to disprove that dogs can sniff out prostate cancer in urine….

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