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State efforts to curb porch theft has another potential victim: delive – Source

The holidays are here and presents are arriving at doorsteps. But for delivery drivers in some states, the season is anything but festive as missing packages could have serious repercussions for them. As researchers at Data & Society conducting ongoing research on delivery drivers, we have found that they are often implicated when a package is missing or stolen. 

Accounts of goods being stolen off doorsteps are now commonplace in local newspapers, neighborhood forums, and Facebook groups, growing alongside e-commerce and pandemic-induced ordering. States and municipalities are introducing legislation to increase penalties for package theft in response to sentiments that porch piracy is on the rise. But this legislation could create more problems than it solves, especially for the workers who serve our neighborhoods. 

As of December 2021, at least a dozen bills* have been introduced across the country that would increase penalties for stealing goods from a doorstep. Many of these…

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