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Still an iPad Almost Pro – Source

Apple’s new iPad Air does not demand much of an in-depth review—because it’s not that new of an iPad. Instead, this $599 tablet slots into the iPad lineup in exactly the same way as its predecessor, which I reviewed back in October 2020. It’s a major step up from the $329 basic iPad, and surprisingly close to the $799 11-inch iPad Pro at a meaningfully lower price. That makes it the ideal iPad for anyone who wants something more advanced than the basics, but would still like to spend closer to $500 than $1,000.

For the past few days, I’ve been trying a review unit of the new Air provided by Apple. It offers just four upgrades from the previous version, all of which bring it closer to the current iPad Pro models:

  • Instead of the 2020 iPad Air’s A14 Bionic processor, the new Air sports the speedier M1 chip that’s in a high percentage of Apple’s current devices, including the iPad Pro.
  • Thanks to a new ultra-wide-angle, front-facing camera, the new Air features Apple’s…

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