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Stitch Fix’s data chief will head up data at Daily Harvest – Source

The six-year-old company makes easy-to-blend smoothies, veggie-filled harvest bowls, soups, lattes, oat bowls, and healthy desserts that can be made by simply warming them up or popping them in a blender. Customers order Daily Harvest’s offerings by signing up for a weekly or monthly plan and receiving deliveries already portioned and ready to eat. As the company’s first Chief Data Officer, Klingenberg hopes to use the data collected by the company to make its meals even more delicious.

At San-Francisco-based Stitch Fix, which Klingenberg joined more than seven years ago as the third person on the now 100+ data team, algorithms learn people’s preferences over time by getting feedback on the clothes customers receive in a monthly box and through data on the website. Eventually, the algorithms learn to generate tailored recommendations and even advise vendors on possible clothing alterations. If many customers think a sweater is too short, for example, they might relay that…

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