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Suedo reveals which of your apps are sharing too much data – Source

For anyone who’s curious about what our mobile apps are doing behind our backs, a new Android app called Seudo is a potential gold mine of insights.

After I installed Seudo, the app claimed that TikTok was gathering minute-by-minute details on my network connection, which could help the social media app infer some form of location information. McDonald’s, meanwhile, appeared to be gathering all kinds of device data for tracking purposes, and several other apps, including Pandora and photo editor Lensa, were contacting Facebook for no clear reason.

To be clear, these findings don’t necessarily indict the apps in question. TikTok, for instance, claims that it does not collect any location information except possibly at the country or time-zone level. But as a tool for privacy advocates and reporters to start holding companies more accountable on privacy, Seudo could be a useful starting point.

“Really, what we’re trying to do is give the negotiating power back to the consumer,…

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