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Taser maker Axon wants to use AI and VR to reform policing – Source

As someone who has seen a lot of awful, often fatal police encounters, Rick Smith has a few ideas for how to fix American law enforcement. In the past decade, those ideas have turned his company, Axon, into a policing juggernaut. Take the Taser, its best-selling energy weapon, intended as an answer to deadly encounters, as Smith described last year in his book, The End of Killing. “Gun violence is not something people think of as a tech problem,” he says. “They think about gun control, or some other politics, is the way to deal with it. We think, let’s just make the bullet obsolete.”

The body camera was another solution to more big problems. Fifteen years after founding the company with his brother, Smith began pitching GoPro-like devices as a way to document otherwise unseen encounters, or to supplement—or counterbalance—growing piles of citizen footage, from the VHS tape of Rodney King to the Facebook Live stream of Alton Sterling. While the impact of body cameras on…

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