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Tech startups to watch in 2022 – Source

As 2022 begins, there’s more attention on early-stage startups than ever before. According to Crunchbase, venture investors bet $201 billion on 8,000 early-stage startups last year; that’s way up from the $101 billion invested in 2020. (VCs bet $643 billion on startups overall in 2021—10 times the amount invested in 2012.)

The success of a promising early-stage startup, of course, depends on many things, including personalities, external forces (such as pandemics), and good old-fashioned luck. But the best young startups already have a clear view of a pressing market need and the clear beginnings of a compelling way of addressing it.

We’ve compiled a list of some of these promising companies in a variety of industries, confining our picks to startups that have raised either seed rounds or Series A funding. In fields that range from robotics, cybersecurity, and quantum computing to farming, health, and beauty, these are the ones to keep your eye on in 2022.

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