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Telehealth could help slow the coronavirus crisis – Source

By Dr. Tzvi Doron4 minute Read

As a healthcare provider, I’ve spent my career working as a family doctor in a clinic for the underserved. I’ve seen a lot of things as a physician, including a range of chronic and acute conditions, but more importantly I’ve seen firsthand just how strained our healthcare system already is. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, both in our ability to treat and handle it.

There are a number of things we still don’t know about this novel virus wreaking havoc throughout the world. Both the medical and scientific communities still have questions about how to treat the virus, all the ways in which it spreads, and the full spectrum of impacts on those who become infected. One of the only things we can be certain of right now is that COVID-19 is poised to tip the scales of our healthcare system, putting patients and providers on the frontlines of care at risk.

We’re still not certain how many cases of…

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