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The 10 most innovative enterprise companies of 2021 – Source fastcompany.com

In a year when businesses of every size and description in all sectors were forced to adapt to unprecedented global upheaval, these 10 companies offered innovations that helped enterprises not only to survive but to thrive.

1. Twilio

For facilitating face-to-face communication during an era of social distancing and global lockdown

During the pandemic, usage of Twilio‘s omnichannel (voice, text, chat, video, email) communications applications doubled; after receiving expedited HIPAA certification in March, the company became the go-to choice for much of the healthcare industry and began offering its video platform for free to organizations dealing with COVID-19 restrictions. The video business unit has seen a 540% year-over-year increase in weekly minutes.

2. Cloudflare

For providing free security during a very insecure year

One of the few U.S. internet firms doing business in China, Cloudflare expects its partnership with JD Cloud to lead to 150 new data centers on the mainland. During…

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