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The 10 most innovative film and TV companies of 2021 – Source fastcompany.com

Because most people spent more time in 2020 cooped up inside than ever before, film and TV offerings transcended the realm of entertainment to become something more substantial. They served as a crucial, sanity-preserving balm, and a point of connection with others similarly stuck at home. With people consuming so much TV and film, it might sound easy for a studio or a streaming service to win audiences over. Considering just how much content was competing for eyeballs in lockdown, however, it took innovation and foresight to truly stand out.

1. Netflix

For making Black audiences central to its programming strategy

Well before the protests and corporate reckonings in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, Netflix had made a priority of serving viewers a wide variety of Black perspectives that extended well beyond the usual “trauma porn,” the derisive but accurate name for slave narratives and other tragic Black stories. In 2020, however, the streamer ramped up its effort. Over…

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