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The 3 best sites for bargains, coupons, and other deals – Source

We’re now officially neck deep in holiday deal ads, even though it feels like the holiday shopping season lasts half the year. (Fun fact: I received my first Black Friday email on October 13 this year—it was from Best Buy, for those of you keeping score.)

The problem with every store in the history of retail offering holiday deals is that they each expect you to visit their sites to sift through all the would-be bargains. There’s got to be a better way!

There is a better way. A much better way. I haven’t paid full price for something since I happily overpaid for a Nintendo Wii bundle in 2006. I also have almost no time to shop. So how do I score the best cheapskate-friendly deals? Here are the three sites I visit every time I’m in the market to buy something.

DealNews: for a little bit of everything

You’re not sure what you want; you just want deals. For you, there’s DealNews.

The main page features a river of hand-picked bargains from a nearly infinite selection of online…

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