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The best gear for online classes or meetings: Webcams, lights, mics, tripods and more – Source CNET Computer News

The era of coronavirus has brought so many of our social and professional interactions online. Zoom is the platform of choice for our meetings at CNET, and my kids and their friends are spending countless hours on Instagram, FaceTime and Google Hangouts. Whichever platform you’re using, video chatting has become central to our lives, so it’s a good time to up your video call game.

Part of this means learning the fundamentals of a video conference meeting on camera — choosing the right environment, positioning the camera lens just the right way and optimizing lighting conditions. A professional Twitch streamer has totally dialed in, but even a newbie can pick it up without much trouble. It’s also essential to have the right gear, including the best…

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Source CNET Computer News

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