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The best laptops you can get in 2020 – Video – Source CNET Computer News

2020 been a year, it’s also been a year of lots of new laptops, I guess.
And some brands did better jobs than other brands of keeping up with what we actually wanted and needed from laptops this year which is frankly been a lot different.
Then in previous years, I think the first thing I heard from people pretty much as soon as everyone started working from home going to school from home was that they wanted cheap laptops.
I wouldn’t say cheap I would say inexpensive and that’s because used to maybe be able to get away with Having two or three laptops for a larger household.
Well, now everybody needed their own system even if you’re in the fourth grade, you needed your own laptop and everyone needed one for your job and in high school, and in college.
Everyone needed a laptop and if you have to buy three, four, five of them or more you wanted something that did not cost too…

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Source CNET Computer News

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