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The future of doctor training is video games and robots – Source

As you send the tubing further into the throat, you see a butterfly-shaped opening to the airway. It flexes as air pulses in and out. At the top of it is a small tumor. You wait for the airway to flare open and then push the tube through. You hit the side of the tracheal wall instead. The mouth coughs repeatedly and you have to pull the tube out.

What you’re experiencing is a simulation of a medical procedure called tracheal intubation created by a company called Level Ex. The startup makes smartphone video games for doctors to help them train on procedures and certain medical tools. There are games for intubation, colonoscopies, pulling off a polyp with forceps, administering anesthesia, or even pulling a Lego out of a child’s esophagus (a procedure known as bronchoscopy).

Level Ex is one of several companies reimagining ongoing medical education for doctors. There are a bevy of technologies entering this space, including virtual reality, augmented reality, video games like…

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