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The iPhone SE 2 March launch event is on the horizon Google sued by New Mexico AG for allegedly collecting location data, contact lists from students Uber drivers worry new safety tool will tempt riders to retaliate, nitpick UK Google users to lose EU data protection due to Brexit TCL's slide-out concept phone, TikTok introduces family safety mode Larry Tesler, Apple employee who created cut-and-paste, dies at 74 Google under investigation for alleged discrimination against pregnant employee, report says Trump offered WikiLeaks' Assange a pardon to cover up Russian hack, lawyer tells court Android 11 preview adds privacy and under-the-hood upgrades Germany wants to make social media firms report illegal content to police The Samsung Z Flip display mystery has been solved (The Daily Charge, 2/19/2020) Jeff Bezos' $10 billion Earth Fund isn't impressing everyone – Source CNET Tech

Apple could unveil its next batch of products on Tuesday, March 31, according to the latest rumors.

The state’s attorney general says Google gathered the personal information from Chromebooks the company provided for free.

Passengers can complain about “harsh braking,” “inappropriate remarks” and other elements of their rides. Drivers fear the system may lead to fraudulent claims.

The tech giant is transferring control of UK Google accounts to the US and out of the jurisdiction of EU privacy regulators. But the GDPR will still apply.

Today’s major tech stories include exclusive pictures of a TCL slide-out concept phone, TikTok’s addition of parental safety features and the reaction to Jeff Bezos’ $10B climate fund.

Computer scientist led Apple on the famous tours of Xerox PARC, where Steve Jobs was exposed to ideas for the Mac’s graphical user interface.

A federal agency is said to be looking at whether the tech giant mishandled discrimination complaints.

A lawyer for WikiLeaks founder…

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