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The MacBook Air is back at $999 Apple MacBook Air 2020 vs. MacBook Air 2019: What's new and different? Hallelujah! The MacBook Air will finally get the Magic Keyboard Coronavirus delays Chrome updates Apple's new 2020 MacBook Air left out one important upgrade With new 2020 MacBook Air now unveiled, these discounts are now coming to older models The return of the $999 MacBook Air The new iPad Pro gets my dream features and an expensive keyboard case Google's got a new 'Works With Chromebook' badge for certified accessories Apple's new MacBook Air and iPad Pro: New floating case, trackpad support and lidar Half-Life: Alyx launches next Monday at 10 a.m. PT Apple's 32-person FaceTime chats could ease self-quarantine loneliness. Get started now – Source CNET Computer News

With a new keyboard, double the storage and quad-core CPU options, the Air is back in a big way.

Here’s how the prices, features and specs — including that new processor — stack up.

Commentary: For people who spend a lot of time typing, this little change is a big deal. It’s the kind of good news we all need right now.

Programmers might have an easier time telecommuting, but they’re still affected by the pandemic.

For people working from home in 2020, the MacBook Air will be a disappointment in one big way.

Great deals are coming on the 2019 MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models also have some good sales available.

The MacBook Air returns to familiar ground as an under-$1,000 all-around powerhouse.

Trackpad support, better microphones and a lidar 3D scanner. But that new keyboard case is $$$.

No more guessing whether that charging cable will work with your Chromebook.

The iPad Pro adds augmented reality upgrades and a real trackpad, while the MacBook Air gets that keyboard we’ve wanted.


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