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The makers of Mario Kart Live Home Circuit are back with Knockout City – Source CNET Computer News


Knockout City: Team dodgeball battles with a very Nintendo feel.

EA/Velan Studios

The premise of Knockout City looks simple, and familiar. Teams of players running around a skatepunk-ish futuristic city, launching things at each other to get the win. Except here, the things are dodgeballs. Knockout City’s style is a lot like the old Sega game Jet Grind Radio, or Splatoon. ’90s-ish splatter, cartoon vibes. 

It’s only the second game from Velan Studios, an upstate New York developer that also created the AR-enabled RC car Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game with Nintendo last fall. There’s no AR or strange new…

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Source CNET Computer News

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