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The new Apple TV 4K is nice. Apple should still make a TV – Source fastcompany.com

As part of its big “Spring Loaded” press event on Tuesday, Apple announced that it will fix your TV’s picture settings in one of the most roundabout ways possible.

Just buy yourself an Apple TV streaming box, plug it into your existing television, then hold your iPhone up to the screen. The Apple TV will then use the phone’s image sensors to calibrate its own color output according to what Apple says are cinematographer-approved specifications. Apple showcased the feature as part of its second-generation Apple TV 4K, which launches next month, though the calibration option will also arrive on existing Apple TV boxes next week.

It’s a neat idea, but it also digs up a rather old question: Why doesn’t Apple just make a smart TV itself? Automatic color balance is the kind of feature that’s begging to be built directly into televisions—in fact, TCL’s Roku TVs already offer something similar—and it’s arriving just as people are starting to favor smart TVs over…

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