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The next big thing in sports is clothes that give you perfect form – Source

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In the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to walk into a Niketown store, buy a Tiger Woods-branded golf shirt and, when lining up your shot on the fairway, hear Woods’s voice gently suggesting a change in technique—say, a longer pause at the top of a long-iron shot.

That’s the vision of Steven Webster, the 46-year-old cofounder and CEO of Asensei, a San Francisco-based startup that wants to turn your clothes into a personal coach. Forget smartwatches such as Fitbit, which merely track your steps or monitor your heart rate. Thanks to a new generation of sensors that can be woven into fabric, smart apparel can precisely analyze the way you run—or critique your golf swing—using the same motion capture technology that is used in Hollywood.

Steven Webster [Photo: courtesy of Asensei]

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