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The sad, inevitable closing of Fry’s Electronics – Source fastcompany.com

Fry’s Electronics is no more. The chain of computer and consumer electronics superstores is closing its 31 remaining stores, thereby joining Circuit City, CompUSA, and my own beloved RadioShack among the once-mighty retailers of technology products that went into decline and finally collapsed.

If you live in one of the 41 states that didn’t have a Fry’s, or you don’t consider yourself much of a nerd, this news might mean nothing to you. But for some of us, Fry’s demise—though inevitable—is a shock. (Happily, Micro Center, another venerable chain skewing more to the eastern half of the U.S., is still with us.)

Fry’s eventually had locations as eastward as Indiana, but it began in the Bay Area in 1985, where it was cofounded by three brothers whose father had sold his grocery empire (also called Fry’s) and given them some of the proceeds. Its relationship with Silicon Valley was symbiotic, and its loss feels like a blow to valley culture as much as a business…

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