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The secret to a vibrant workplace? Good design. – Source fastcompany.com

In recent years, the corporate workplace has gotten a much-needed facelift. In most modern offices, bland cubicles and austere conference rooms have given way to airy, modular spaces that give employees more options for working, socializing, and collaborating.

The changes aren’t all cosmetic: Capital One’s annual Work Environment Survey shows that employees respond to well-designed office spaces, believing they drive better performance and creativity, and foster a greater sense of well-being. In fact, an appealing workplace can even serve as a powerful recruitment tool: 70% of employees say a prospective employer’s workplace design is important when weighing a new job offer.

But what does good workplace design actually look like? Is it enough to clear out the cubicles and splash vibrant colors on the walls? And in the age of COVID-19, what design changes are necessary to keep employees safe and productive? For many companies, the answers to these questions go beyond simple…

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