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The self-defeating flaw at the core of Uber and DoorDash – Source

When Airbnb went public on the NASDAQ, its founders eschewed the traditional bell ringing and asked the company’s hosts around the world to ring their doorbells instead. The move was a poignant acknowledgement that roughly four million hosts worldwide helped the company reach a milestone that few startups achieve. It also served as a reminder that, while all businesses are reliant on people for growth, some companies owe the very foundations of their business models to the humans involved.

Coming on the heels of California’s passage of Prop 22, Airbnb’s public nod to their hosts is even more notable. Prop 22 has exempted app-based transportation and delivery companies from providing the benefits typically reserved for full-time employees (such as health insurance, PTO, and retirement) to the independent contractors that power their businesses. The record-breaking campaign that Uber and other gig companies waged led to the prop’s passage—and serves as a stark reminder that…

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