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The tech we lost in 2020 – Video – Source CNET Tech

Hey, we made it to the end of the year.
As we do every year, it’s time to look back reflect, and say goodbye to all the gadgets and apps that we lost.
Here’s the tech that met its demise in 2020.
Let’s kick things off on a positive note, because I want to talk about the gadgets I am grateful are gone this year like the face computer everyone loves to hate the original Google Glass.
You may have thought the wearable was dead a few years ago because Google stops Selling it but contraire.
The company continued to support the Explorer edition with software updates, but that ended for good in February.
Project glass was introduced to the world in 2012.
And the first units were sold at $1500 apiece.
The futuristic device made us feel like we were in Star Trek.
There was a cube in front of one eye with a teeny tiny display.
And the side panel had touch…

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