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The Trump brand is bigger than its social media presence – Source

By S. A. Applin10 minute Read

After the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, many have been quick to blame social media, hoping that that insurrectionist communications could be thwarted by shutting off accounts and access. These actions may slow the spread of lies, hatred, and propaganda. But unfortunately, banning digital communication about insurrectionist ideals does not ban the ideals themselves. It’s a deeper and more complex process.

One problem with technology access bans is that they address how messages are carried, but not how their content originates, which is in the hearts and the minds of those who have adopted them. Ideals can be transmitted through messages and calls to action, but are formed via fantasies of alternate realities drawn from the past and future imaginings. Addressing these core beliefs is where change must occur. This involves dismantling the ideals that the insurrectionists have created and adopted, as well as the mechanisms they use to distribute…

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